When we started From a Wildflower back in 2014, we handpicked 40 Bloggers that we knew embodied what a Wildflower was – a soulful woman in her 20s or 30s discovering and learning all that the world had to offer. Now we’re proud to say that since then we have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with over 200 other women! From a Wildflower wouldn’t have been what it was without the collaboration efforts of everyone who planted something in our garden and for that reason, we thought it would be a great idea to share 100 Millennial Bloggers that we’re absolutely enjoying! We will be updating this list bi-monthly – adding more amazing women to it and updating any links that stop working. If you find any others that you think should be listed next (including your own) please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section as we’ll keep this page as an ongoing blog-roll of Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers of Color!

1. Jouelzy
2. Simone Digital
3. For Women To Women
4. Sara Washington
5. SimplyCyn
6. That’s Chelsea
7. KimberlyLuxe
8. Sideline Socialite
9. Hey Fran Hey
10. XOXO Brosia
11. Carey Lee Dixon
12. Oneika the Traveller
13. The Adopted Life
14. Elle in Bloom
15. Enless Bliss
16. Live Love Landon
17. Kim Speaks Up
18. Today I’m Bobbi
19. Aisha Herring
20. Kyrazayda
21. XONecole
22. Another Sunday
23. One Young Traveler
24. My Brown Box
25. Cake & Eggs
26. Michelene J. Life
27. Vodka Makes You Happy
28. Linen & Salt
29. Ashli Brown
30. Rock Yo Rizos
31. Tamika Burgess
32. Feel Good Soul Food
33. Siempre Girando
34. Stacy Ellis
35. Shante Little
36. Thoughts of an Empress
37. Write Laugh Dream
38. Dear Queens
39. It’s Camille K
40. Little Dominican
41. Jasey Jade
42. The Traveler’s Dash
43. Afro Latina
44. EverSoRoco
45. Klassy Kinksa
46. Loving in Pieces
47. Rookie Notes
48. Black Girl In Om
49. An’Drea E. Hall
50. Bauce Mag
51. Quirky Brown Love
52. Two Macks
53. Sunkissed Queen
54. Hello-Brittnee
55. Who is Amber Janae
56. Baes n’ Bombshells
57. The Orangest Moon
58. Raising Self
59. For Harriet
60. My Voguish Diaries
61. Hey Ciara
62. The Active Spirit
63. A Little Bit of Lacquer
64. Lace With Love
65. Eerie Silence
66. Misfit Mind89
67. Letters at Three AM
68. Jendella
69. Nomali from Soweto
70. JasmineSkyy
71. Comfy Cozy Up
72. Kay Will Speak
73. The Crunchy Mommy
74. Hello Rven
75. Happily Eating
76. Blair Imani
77. With Love Jones
78. Love Veronica XO
79. Becoming Brilliance
80. Chic & Blunt
81. Tenaciously Tanece
82. The Purposed Culture
83. My Black Matters
84. Afros y Paella
85. Sincerely Crys
86. A Soulful Rebellion
87. My Silver Lining
88. Pink Prods
89. Today Yesterday Tomorrow
90. Morgan Jerkins
91. Mostly Sugar
92. Boriqua Chicks
93. How To Be Happyer
94. Nikita T. Mitchell
95. Gal-Dem
96. Keila Bee Goes
97. Tea with Noa
98. Life in 100 Words
99. Ashley C. Ford
100. Translucent Brown


Image Source: Alecia Morais, Amelia Rami, Afrodita Dorado and Amilna Estevao

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