Is a compilation of raw and real journal entries, from your girlfriend on the other line. It’s like chicken soup for the twenty and thirty year-old soul. A place where real women discuss real life candidly – without an Instagram filter. You know — those juicy conversations you have with your girlfriend each time you guys meet up for tea. Perhaps, you guys are still stuck on Jones, that Army guy who still hasn’t committed to you because he’s still in love with his ex – who is currently married. Or maybe, you all are discussing your lack of faith in your dreams and that career in which you’re longing to pursue. These scenarios, these conversations, tell a story. One that doesn’t have to be confined to a single coffee table but one that can be shared on a wavelength that allows for us women to tap into. From A Wildflower aims to challenge us as women and as writers to be transparent in our troubles, to be confident in our curiosities, to be real with our realities, and to be raw about our actualities. #nofilter.


  • Megan Carter

    What a treat! I was followed by your twitter page and instantly delve in. I cant stop myself from reading. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been inspired, all in a matter of 48 minutes. The entries, are as the site states “raw and real,” I cant get enough! Cant wait to Pitch!

    • Hey Megan! I’m so excited to know that you’re enjoying our site! We look forward to you pitching to the Wild and bringing something refreshing to our platform! Thanks for taking the time out to connect with me and the girls! We appreciated it so! =)

  • Aylin M.

    Loving everything about this!

    • Hey Aylin! Thanks so much! We love everything about you too =). Hoping you’ll Pitch A Page from your journal to the Wild one of these days! =)

  • Ja’Kyra

    I love that you can be open and honest about any situation on this blog! It reminds me of my own. I consider myself to be the voice inside of everyone’s mind, that’s usually frank and unapologetic. If you ever have the time, check out my blog and let me know what you think:

    Comment and share!


    –Jaye 💕