We need a break. You can interpret that as a full fledge separation or as a few days away from one another, but whichever route your brain takes you, just know that I need some space. And I demand some time to clear my mind, kind of rewind and backtrack ­­­on how we even got this far. Figure out why I’m sitting here in this car of yours, panting loudly and taking deep breaths that are causing the glass to fog up. I have to reassess this whole… thing, between you and I. What are we?

We’ve been here so many occasions before. It’s funny ‘cause, one thing my mom used to say all the time was, you don’t know how tired I am of repeating myself and now I find myself constantly telling you that and my head keeps telling my heart that and it’s without a doubt that, no one is listening.

I’m saying,

This shit is dangerous
What you do to me
How you
Worship my body
And offer up sacrifices of your own
I hear
Music in my mind
You’re fiddling with
Secret spots in my head
And I
Get enlightened and lifted
It’s a mind f..k
The top tier of lovemaking
Entering my womb
Pulling apart my flesh
Confronting a bare soul
No one knows
No one’s seen
But somehow it’s intertwined
Into your being
Praise dance
Playing with covers
Not playing it safe
Disregarding any rubbers
And use each other as protection
A lethal injection
And I scream
From a pit in my pelvis
And you
Finish talking dirty
And I
Start to taste sweet
Feeling defeat
As we create this
Cosmic blast from our spirits
And shape supernovas
Of what love feels like to us
And that jolt of emotions makes me afraid
So I
Pull you away
And you
Proceed with caution
Pulling me in
Inserting it in
Making me curse you
F..king and fighting
F..k all this fighting
And this mess is scary
When I
Feel a need of separation
But you have this
Look in your eyes that initiates
Subtle conversations
Got my kitty needing its
Nocturnal Fixation
I’m trying to…
Sit on that boy
A little
Hip gyration
I’m trying to…
Free myself
And you are
The salvation
But I’m trying to
Get rid of you
This is a violation
Of everything I told myself not to do
But you.
Got a lock
And you, hold the key
Because you, have my heart
And my mind
And my temple
I know that I’ll never just, be
So I just
Fall into you
And you allow me.
See boy…
This shit really is dangerous.