Have you ever wanted to include everyone in your success?

You have a great idea and you can think of five people who would be great to partner with to make your idea happen.

But not the kind of help that allows you to maintain ownership of your idea. You spread it around and everyone feels like it was their idea in the end.

It’s comforting for me, because personally I do not like the spotlight. I like to be credited but I’m afraid of executing things on my own. I cannot, and sometimes will not, own my greatness.

Is that why I let people talk down to me?

Is that why I have kept my dreams on the back burner for so long but oh so enthusiastically get up and run myself rugged helping my sister with her business? Standing out there handing out fliers while my book remains unwritten on my computer.

Out there attending every movie screening, every opening.. and none of them are mine.

But what will it take for me to step up to the plate of confidence.

Forget FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and whatever other terms you want to call it. These acronyms are holding me back and I’m allowing it.

I’ve sat in the bleachers of my own life and played in the field of others.

I have the world wide web — almost everything that man has ever known to be an amazing tool and I’m realizing that while I’m using it to heal emotionally, I need to start using it to discover and accomplish my dreams.

Because honestly, I’m so tired of harping on about how other people won’t commit to me. And praising their own personal achievements.

It’s time for me to make the decision that this year, I will commit first, to myself.